Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

Monica Marder


Form 50 Fitness, Astoria-Queens, NY


Ky is one of the most talented individuals in the fitness industry. The way he is able to light up a room of coaches and help them discover their WHY is unparalleled to any other fitness seminar out there. He creates a safe place, where coaches feel comfortable to be themselves, to ask questions and make mistakes so they can evolve and grow. He is supportive, encouraging, and leads a vast amount of empathy and authority. He championed me as an owner, and made me feel proud. Ky has helped fulfill my dream to curate a positive, warm, encouraging company culture where my coaches love to train, and my clients can’t get enough.

FORM50 has a clear mission as a brand. We have 5 star reviews on most channels, and over 1000 positive reviews from clients. The studio client retention rate has increased significantly, and we are now in a profitable position, where we can explore scaling to open more locations. My coaches and I both feel so confident while leading class, we have the knowledge and understanding of programming, the human body, injuries, modifications, and how to deal with difficult clients and situations. We are so proud of where we are today, and we always look forward to more time with Ky. Ky has taught us the importance to never stop learning, and the joys that education can bring to the lives of many.

Meeting Ky & Jodi was the best thing to happen to my business, and without them I don’t know where I would be today.

I can’t thank Ky enough for what he has brought to me, my studio, our coaches and community. The ability Ky has to light a spark and guide people to find their own greatness is unparalleled.

Ky & HPC have brought us a level of training that you can’t get elsewhere, and they inspire us to keep evolving and serving our clients. Their seminars are organized and hands-on, and helps coaches dig deep in a way other fitness training lack.

I would highly recommend Ky & High Performance Coaching – the fitness industry needs more of what HPC is serving up!

Amy Brown

Owner | Coach

Instaphysique, Sacramento, California


Ann Van Delden

Owner/Founder | Coach

LagreeHTX, Houston, Texas


Ky helped bring my vision of what I wanted my studio to be like to life. He has been my mentor every step of the way. I wanted more than the typical group fitness experience. My goal was to create an environment where clients always felt accepted and uplifted from the moment they walked in. Also to have the safest, most challenging workout in Houston.

Hiring Ky from day 1 has most definitely helped me achieve my goals. I had him train my team pre opening which was vital to my opening success. His training techniques are not of the norm but they work! I have had him back to my studio 3 additional times for continued education for my coaches and new instructor training. Each time he returns he has fresh and exciting methods to enhance our training and method.

Hey there! My name is Alisa. I own 3 studios in the bay area called Heartcore. Before I met Ky and Jodi, I felt very lost as an instructor and very lost as a studio owner. We have this amazing machine but the big question is what you actually do with it?

For years, I was teaching, and I just felt very lost. I knew there’s only one team to call, and that was Ky and his partner Jodi, and they came to my studio and re-trained my entire team.

Before we were so confused and now we’re just crushing it! Now we finally have clients raving about our classes. I can’t say enough about how amazing they are. Ky’s expertise is unparalleled. So grateful to Ky and Jodi for changing my life, my team and my businesses.

And I know, they will change your life too!

Alisa Scannell

Co-Owner | Coach

Heartcore, San Fransisco Bay Area, California


Jennifer Eitches

Owner/Founder | Coach

OneLagree, Dallas, Texas


As you know, we start off our business is thinking that things are going to go out and be a certain way but as time progresses we need to evolve and continue to provide the highest quality services for our clients.

Most of us start off on these machines in blocks and we believe that we are using them to the maximum potential. However, overtime teaching in this box you start to feel like a robot you lose creative expression and excitement and so do your clients.

That’s where KY and Jodi come in. They are the two people you wish you knew when you actually started out but find out about later on.. they help you elevate your staff and your programming more efficient workouts less spring changes and more creative freedom.

They teach you confidence, leadership and how to be a true coach. Since Ky has a long history in the business he’s able to share so many different ideas with your team and ultimately brings everyone closer together.

His willingness to show his vulnerability and admit his regrets makes him a true leader. Ky and Jodi can literally deliver anything you request they are the perfect team and you always miss them.