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Jodi Braner


InstaPhysique, Sacramento, California


How do you thank someone who’s helped you not only unlock your potential as a Coach, but your confidence in everyday life? It’s hard to condense into just a few words, all the ways Ky and his programs have helped me.

Ky came to our studio just as I finished my Coaches Certification Course. Honestly, I had always struggled with being my true self, low self esteem, low confidence. I was a wallflower. Going through Coaches training, I had my doubts. I could see the Coach I knew I could be, but didn’t know how to become her, how to let her out. Ky did. He had all the right exercises that helped me unlock my potential. What I didn’t realize, was that not only did that mean as a Coach, but in my everyday life as well. It has been a complete life changing experience.

I have been working with Ky for almost two years now. Every time I see him, I learn something new that helps me grow even more. He is truly amazing and cares so much. You have a gift my friend, and I am so grateful that you have a passion for using it to help others. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

I never understood my potential as a coach or leader until I met Ky and Jodi. High Performance Coaching came to our studio in New York to train our team with their carefully curated coaching program.

Level 1 training was an eye-opening experience, not only in finding a deeper understanding of exercise science, but it also made me start thinking about “WHY.” There were questions I needed to answer as a person and as a fitness coach, and through them I developed a deeper understanding of myself and WHY I live the life I do. Ky facilitated a safe environment that gave me the opportunity to dig deep and find my passion for coaching. He taught me how to lead and empower others and make group fitness a true experience.

High Performance coaching is unlike any other training out there. I have learned more in four trainings with Ky and Jodi than I have in my three-year fitness career. I am proud to say I am a Level 4 High Performance Coach. Ky and Jodi changed my outlook on coaching and changed my life.

Bekah Adkins


Form50 Fitness, Astoria-Queens, NY


Katherine Ladcani


Form50, Astoria-Queens, NY


Ky has such an incredible gift– the ability to naturally guide others to the highest version of themselves. Over the span of 3 years I’ve participated in several seminars with Ky & HPC and every time I’ve walked away with even more knowledge and the confidence to serve others.

Ky & HPC bring an entirely different approach to group fitness through personal reflection, group activities, and science based movement theories. I encourage every fitness studio to get on the KY & HPC train if they want to empower their coaches and clients!!!

New to group fit instruction, I started working at INSTAPHYSIQUE a Lagree™ fitness studio in Northern California over a year ago. Ky Evans became our head trainer and coach shortly after I got certified. Man it wasn’t pretty at first, but Ky provided me personally the space, tools and confidence to grow as an instructor. Armed with years of experience he taught us how to lead, find our voice and understand the “why” behind our programming!! Ky’s energy, charisma and genuine love of helping people be the best version of themselves is inspiring!

High Performance Coaching has permeated how I teach and what I try to give back to my clients! Thank you Ky for your relentless pursuit in making us the best coaches we can be.

Kelly Lombardi


Instaphysique, Sacramento, California