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Melanie Echanique

OrangeTheory Coach/Urban Master Trainer

Urban Lagree, Austin, Texas


My experience with Ky and Jodi turned my entire approach to coaching on its head.
When I met Ky, I thought I was good at my job. I had been coaching group classes for 4 years and was a professional public speaker for over a decade. I had a sassy attitude and a loud, booming voice, and I thought I was crushing it with that combo.

No one but Ky saw past the performance and showed me how my genuine, real self could be more valuable to my career than any show I could put on. I didn’t realize how powerful it could be to REALLY make eye contact with someone who was struggling, or how motivating it was for a person to hear me call out their name and MEAN IT. Ky was able to zero in on things that made me special, and showed me how to use that to connect with each person in the room. His guidance has changed the way I carry myself, and taught me to walk into any room and really see each person I come into contact with. These skills not only helped me build up my coaching career, but have bled over into my life as an entrepreneur outside of the fitness world, making me more relatable, likeable, and transparent while still allowing me to command a room and present the confidence needed to be a leader people will trust and stand behind.

Ky’s extensive experience in fitness and in the acting world has gifted him with a game-changing skill set that needs to be shared with every fitness professional. He has trained hundreds of coaches and instructors over his multi-decade career in many modalities. Whether you’re a new coach interested in learning more about the technical aspects of coaching a fitness class, a studio owner who wants to mold the best trainers in your city, or an experienced fitness pro trying to see how far you can take your career, Ky and Jodi are a one-stop shop. Show up ready to do the work and you won’t regret it.

“Find your WHY.” This lesson changed my entire approach to coaching for the better. My first experience with Ky took place at the exact right moment—I had been teaching for over two years and felt comfortable yet complacent in my craft.

Ky blew that complacency up in my face and forced me to find what truly inspired me to do this work. Not only did he coach me to become a more technically advanced coach—from improving verbal cues and physical adjustments to creating more efficient programming—but he pushed me to incorporate my unique, loud and powerful personality into each workout I facilitated.

This inspired me to work harder in service of my clients. I’ll be forever grateful to Ky for pushing me to always remember my WHY. I highly recommend Ky’s coaching to every kind of fitness professional. You won’t regret it.

Jessica Kwock


Heartcore, San Fransisco Bay Area, California