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Ky Evans’ Upcoming Event Schedule

All the year round we run a calendar of private workshops, online webinars, group and one-on-one zoom calls. These are designed to meet a diverse variety of fitness professional skills needs, problems, and challenges.

Coming Soon!

Ky Evans

How to Teach Group Fitness in a Hands-Free World

For the foreseeable future COVID19 has changed how you can and will be able to interact with your clients.  In order to thrive in the “new normal” my trainers are adapting the E.A.T.S process….want to know what that is?  This webinar will fill you in!

Coming Fall 2020!

Ky Evans

How to stand out in a competitive fitness market

To survive in a competitive and ever-changing fitness world, you should be up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and innovations. This webinar will help you stay well-informed.

Coming Winter 2020!

Ky Evans

Writing Class Programs Made Simple

Writing great class programs can seem overwhelming when you are new to it all.  While an effective program is a lot more than just stringing together several different exercises in 45-50 minute time slot – it doesn’t have to feel as overwhelming as it may seem.  This webinar will be the answer to escaping class program writing jail!