In May 2019, the global Fitness industry revenue totaled $94 billion…

And, as a result, health clubs were on pace to reach 230 million members by 2030.

And at the heart of all this abundance and growth are you the trainer…

the coach and the studio owner!


We stand together with the hope of making a difference…

And in turn, helping others live the life they could only dream.


What ravishes the world now is an unimagined enemy.

This enemy attacks the very nature of who we are and what we do.

Some of us are losing our gyms.

Some may NEVER open again.

We are unable to physically be with our clients and perform our craft that we love so much.

We are being tested like never before.


It is understandable to be frightened about the future of our industry.

We are terrified at the thought of losing our sources of income.

It reminds me of the time when I was homeless

And living out of my car 15 years ago.

I was on a week binder of drugs and alcohol and hated my very existence

Because I never thought I was good enough for anything or anyone.


I will never forget that day, it was my rock bottom.


I stumbled on to the beach, Venice Beach to be exact.

As the wind came off the ocean it cut my face and the sand was cold as ice, it was winter in LA.

When my bare feet touched the sand, I collapsed in total exhaustion

And when I woke up, believe it or not, I heard a voice . . .

That voice said to me, BE HOPE.

It was a year later before I had my first chance to teach group fitness in LA.

It was the day after Christmas, and no one was around to teach.

I was finally asked to sub a class. When I got the call the night before, I stayed up all night.

Practicing my moves, my callouts, my routine.

I was incredibly nervous, but I was ready. This was my shot.

And when I taught to that class, 35 years of pain and failure...

And hope exploded out of me.

I taught the way I wanted to be taught.

And when it was over, no one moved, and no one spoke.

I thought my life was over, again.

I thought, “That’s it I’m moving back home to Detroit. I’m done”.

After the class, I got a call from the owner.

She said “I don’t know what you did but I’ve never had 10 clients call me in 10 minutes. How many classes do you want to teach and when can you start?”

The rest is fitness history.


I repeat that story in my head today, because while fear may test who we are…

It cannot change who we are.

I know the question that faces our industry and the world…

Is NOT whether we will get through this, Because we will…

but rather, WHO we will be when we come together again?


We must remember why we became coaches and trainers in the first place...

Why we left our corporate job to open or teach at a boutique studio?

Why do we work all day and then go to teach fitness at night?

Because we love serving our clients and making a difference in the world.


I am the biggest fan of all coaches, trainers and gym owners.

And for the past few years I have been traveling around the world…

Teaching workshops to group fitness brands, studios and trainers.

Helping them to create an unprecedented fitness experience that sells out their classes…

Creates raving clients and generates insane profits.

I want to give back to my community, This is the profession that changed my life and I want to give that to YOU.


This is why for the first time; I have decided to share my private seminars.

All of my knowledge, experience, stories, secrets

And most importantly my mistakes.

How I went from living out of my car…

To one of the most Elite Group Fitness coaches in the world

I believe everyone deserves access to this type of life-changing education so I’ve created for you online courses and a certification

Like no other, that can be accessed from your own home.

On your own schedule.


We must think out of the box…

We must evolve our training…

And most importantly we must stay sharp and never stop learning!

We are being tested and we worry we will not pass the test.

But I’m here to tell you…

We will…

And we will come out of this stronger and better than ever!


I am so proud of every one who are working so hard…

To give the gift of fitness to the world…

It’s time we unite and raise the bar even higher...

We as trainers, coaches, and studio owners need to come together…

And stop competing

And start creating a new fitness world.

The judging, the trolling and all the hating needs to stop.

Every BODY is welcome and every person has the right to change the world one body at a time.

These are some of the core values that GFA is build on.

The pride in who we are,

is not a part of our past, it defines our present and our future.


Each day you walk in that studio…

Put on that mic..

Crank your favorite playlist and embrace your clients

Is a day you have endured a great challenge,

Proving yourself patient...

And resolute in your sacrifice to serving others.

While things may be different in our industry moving forward…

One thing will never change.

People need people, and trainers, coaches…

And studios can change the world!


Its time to lead, create and serve.

And when we do, we will not only have proven ourselves as the Guides

But we will have a renewed commitment to shining brighter so that the world will have more light.

For your hard work and sacrifice…

I offer you this opportunity to be part of the founding members of the Group Fitness Academy™!

It is through our great character…

We will together create a stronger fitness industry and a better world!


Join me and my tribe of enterTRAINers worldwide!



Elite Celebrity Coach Co-Founder of Group Fitness Academy™ & High
Performance Coaching
Master EnterTRAINer for Xformer™