Don’t…Can’t…Won’t STOP

With the charisma of your favorite celebrity and the physique of a pro athlete, Ky, is a Megaformer mastermind. Determined to help his clients unlock their inner warrior and conquer the body of their dreams, his 50-minute routine put the WORK in workout, leading us through a killer combination of intense muscle endurance, cardio training, and strength-based Pilates. Ky’s infectious energy, everyday wisdom and electric playlist were the only things that kept us going as we struggled through one of the hardest workouts we’ve every done. Sound intense? It was. But don’t let that discourage you. Ky was there to offer genuine encouragement and helpful modifications, (literally) supporting us every step of the way. Accurately named Total Body Extreme, this class took fitness to the next level, working every muscle to total fatigue (three days later and our abs were still feeling it). Every studio Ky has developed has an impressive following of devoted fitness fans –the instructors are fabulous, the workouts are fierce, and the results are fast!” —Burnthis.com

Ky’s Workouts Get RESULTS…..Watch and see for yourself!