Ky Evans is an elite celebrity strength & conditioning coach and one of the stars of the NBC show “STRONG”.

Ky Evans is a trained ballet dancer-turned scientist who is obsessed with the idea that fitness is the ultimate form of human expression. His training patterns take natural functional movement to a whole new level. With degrees in Exercise Science & Biomechanics (with minors in Philosophy & Ballet) Evans started his journey when he began working with visionary Sebastien Lagree, who introduced him to his Megaformer and taught him the Lagree Method. Soon after, Evans built his own following and became one of the most sought after group instructors in Los Angeles. His classes would have a month long wait list. His clientele includes television and film personalities, professional athletes and Olympians.

NBC’s “STRONG” was a ten episode fitness competition show hosted by Professional volleyball player and fitness expert Gabrielle Reece. The series showcased ten women from all walks of life, each looking to improve herself mentally and physically – joining with ten of the most elite male fitness trainers in the nation. The winning team took home a significant cash prize of up to $500,000, which was a result of their overall performance.

Evans incorporates the art of expression with the science of performance, creating his own unique training philosophy or, “Kylosophy.” Evans’ goal is to help his clients uncover what is already true – that there is only one you and in that, lies your real strength. The once shy, chubby, bullied kid from Detroit, who was often self-conscious about his immigrant family, has blossomed into a philosopher and fitness guru.

Evans has been featured in over 40 fitness publications and was Shape magazine’s 2014 Hottest Trainer in America. Ky has also been featured in People Magazine, OK Weekly, Self, Shape, ELLE Australia, LA Confidential, DuJour, Bello Magazine, W Magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, Fitness RX and has appeared on television programs such as Good Morning America, E! News, TMZ, Good Day LA and ABC 7 among others.