I started training with Ky in the summer of 2011. I was out of work, I hadn’t been physically active in about six months, I’d gained back more than half the weight I had worked so hard to lose previously, and I desperately needed to feel good about myself again. I weighed 145 pounds and was a size 30 jean.

I definitely faced a few major setbacks along the way. I lost focus and stopped working out, gaining back weight I’d worked so hard to lose. But after a few weeks of training with Ky, I started seeing little successes. For example, I started noticing that I was changing the way I thought: It wasn’t about being a certain number (weight on the scale or size clothing); it was about feeling strong, physically and mentally, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and feeling confident about the way I look.

I celebrated small, personal victories in class. At first it was things like making it through one movement without stopping; now it’s holding plank for 2 minutes — YES! I started focusing on the movement/contraction of muscles we were working instead of what was going on in my mind (which always went something like, “This burns too much, I have to stop.”) And I’ve started to leave self-judgment behind, and to focus my emotions into strength during class. I changed my thinking and my body followed. Now I’m working at an awesome company that lets me combine my career and my love for working out and looking good. I love it!

When I feel like I can’t keep going, I focus on my breathing, the muscles I’m working, and I try to clear my head of any thoughts – especially the negative ones. I’m excited to keep challenging myself in classes, and to keep motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle!