LOOOVE that trainer KY EVANS is back on staff @ Pilates Platinum Venice!!….FACT: *I’VE LOST 35 lbs TRAINING w KY!!!!!*… 1.) I’m 40+, 2.) I’m in menopause, and 3.) I have Lupus…. AND ***I STILL LOST 35 lbs!!!!!***….so um yeah, I’m a CONVERT!! His workouts (sequencing & pacing) are AMAZING! do urself a favor and COME TAKE HIS CLASS! yes his classes are DIFFICULT, but they’re ACHIEVABLE w almost IMMEDIATE RESULTS!… KY EVANS will literally *SCULPT UR BODY FROM THE INSIDE OUT!!!*… and i also like that the Venice location is new & clean. Has room between the beds and decent parking on Lincoln for the evening classes was a nice surprise (FREE after 6pm)… 😉 😉

- Valley Girl.

Just took my first class at Pilates Platinum on 1/4/2016 with Ky. I know it might sound cliche, but damn that was a truly GREAT way to start the new year! Many of us followed him over to PP from another studio, eagerly searching for that level of motivation and energy we missed oh so dearly. Spoiler: I could hardly walk after that class and my abs were in constant spasms. I feel awesome.

- Shang G.

I’m following Ky Evans to Pilates Platinum!! His workout has changed our lives, mentally and physically. I went around to 20+ workouts on Class Pass, trying to replicate even half of what I get from Ky’s workout, and no other studio comes close! Ky gives you that MENTAL challenge and motivation, I cannot find it anywhere else. His sequence of lagree moves is so effective and efficient. You are NOT jumping around front, back, changing springs every move. This is an intense FLOW of well programmed moves for athletes.

- Ariel W.

My strength and flexibility have increased exponentially since I started training with Ky!!

- Zach S.

If you are looking for a high energy work out and extra motivation none will push you more than Ky Evans at Platinum Pilates in Venice. I have been taking Ky’s classes for a couple of years and I can assure you that this is one of the toughest, most challenging and complete all-body workouts in the fitness industry and Ky is by far the best in the business. He will bring out the athlete in you that you never thought was even there!
Every inch of your body will hurt but the “pain” comes with rewarding results.

- Beatrice G.

“I’m pretty active and I thought I was in shape until I trained with Ky. He challenged me to work muscles I didn’t even know I had”

- Bryan Greenberg, Actor

“…all I’ve done lately is train with Ky Evans…”

- Jonathan Schaech, Actor/Writer/Producer

“I was told that Ky was the man and could help me prevent injury. Since I’ve been seeing him 1x a week my hips and core are the strongest they have ever been. My body looks amazing. I’m very pleased with the work I do with him.”

- Carmelita Jeter, Olympic Gold Medalist

“You’re the truth! You’re the truth!”

- Metta World Peace, NBA Player for the Los Angeles Lakers