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Meet Ky on Strong, where contestants are embark on a transformative journey in order to reach their full potential.

Ky hams it up on the first episode

I’ve been exercising my entire life, I have not seen anything that has changed my body– reshaped, restructured my body, before my very eyes, than this exercise”Play Testimonial View Allvideo-slide


“I train 6 days a week and owe my recovery to these products, especially the joint formula!! Use my coupon code for a discount and try for yourself – you won’t be sorry!!!”

– Ky

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You are what you eat! Performance and a blissful life all come from the fuel which you intake. To be more productive, and efficient in the sport of life one must eat according to ones one body and lifestyle.

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Ky teaches six days a week at four studios throughout Los Angeles



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“My trainer Ky Evans challenged me every step of the way. He helped me to discover my inner self and peel away the layers to reveal the best version of ME… Being able to trust a stranger and trust in someone else and let go was the key to my transformation.”

– Brittany Harrell-Miller

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“Last month, at the age of 50, I was able to run and finish my first ever marathon, right here in LA. My classes with Ky were a huge cross-training help. Daily running, along with the stamina and strength I’ve gained from the SPX classes, helped me finish successfully.”

– Bernette

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“…wake up, get up, and stand up.
Every minute of Every hour of Every day.
This is your time, now.”
– Ky